What is the difference between Serviced Office and Virtual office?

              First of all, for those of you who come to read and wonder what Serviced Office is Our Linuxx Serviced Office has already written an article introducing Serviced Office. You can follow along and read it easily, just click on this picture. I certify that I read and I will understand what Serviced Office is?

             But in terms of Virtual Office, many people often wonder what Virtual office is because when it translates into that. What is a “Virtual office”? The more you read, the more you wonder, right? So today our Linuxx Serviced Office would like to be a knowledge resource to introduce each other in detail what Virtual office is? 

             Virtual Office is another business channel in real estate business. Is the rental of office space Without focusing on sitting and working in the office No need for a private office But need a personal advisor to answer the phone Receive mail and notify As if you really are an employee of your company To make sure you do not miss out on every contact, virtual office is ideal for business owners who have just started doing business. And there are still not many employees in the company Along with not having the company’s income. Is in the threshold to pay tax with the Revenue Department Renting an office location in the heart of Bangkok It is considered to build the credibility of your business. Where you can come to sit and talk small tasks in the common area Or to reserve a meeting room for a meeting in your office location To increase the credibility of your company even more But you do not have a regular office to work.

              And of course, at the beginning, you may have tried using Virtual Office service first, but after that when your business began to expand even more, our Linuxx Serviced Office also offers Private office or Serviced Office service. For expanding your business as well

              Finally, let’s summarize the difference between Serviced Office and Virtual Office simply that Serviced Office is that you need a private office to sit and register a company, but for Virtual Office, you do not focus on sitting and working. Just want to rent an address Or the location of the company registration only

             How are you with a little bit of knowledge that Linuxx Serviced Office wrote for everyone to try and study the differences of business in many forms. For those who are looking for a location for company registration Or open a company You can try to visit the Linuxx Serviced Office straight away.