7 Reasons why you have to choose Serviced Office

1. One-stop service

              Many of you may think that this business serviced office provides services, but only in the area of ​​leasing. But actually, not at all. We also have services in the part of the company name reservation. Go to register the company for the customer as well Or some of you can let us go to proceed with VAT registration Considered to rent space and can register the company at the same time, really complete.

2. As if there were employees of a private company

              In this section, the Serviced Office has a receptionist to answer the phone. And send and receive letters to your company Ready to notify you immediately In order to keep up and not miss every communication By the receptionist Will be able to communicate in at least 2-3 languages

3.Common areas And employee benefits

               This is a very interesting point or point. Unless you are receiving good service Employees in your company are like adding in the welfare as well, because the serviced office will have a service point for drinking water, tea, coffee, snacks or electrical appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators that are available to all employees. Included in your monthly rent and service charges.

4. Your budget does not escalate.

                Because the Serviced Office is a ready-made office for rent You just carry a notebook and walk into work immediately. No need for any additional decorations. Because we provide tables, chairs, cabinets, drawers, internet signal Or even mother A maid who cleans your room We have all ready services. As for water and electricity bills, they are included in rent and service charges. Like this, everyone can easily calculate the monthly expense budget.

5. Safety is number one.

                 In terms of safety Because the business model of Serviced Office will have many companies. Renting space together, the serviced office business is all about security because the office is able to go in and out of the work 24 hours a day, making it necessary to have a key card system And CCTV

6.Transportation and facilities

                 Location in choosing a business place Serviced Office will most likely focus on the convenience of travel. Whether it is traveling next to the BTS sky train and subway For its location in the heart of Bangkok And it has the most facilities such as banking transactions. Top department stores
And that is indispensable at all Indoor Parking To accommodate with guests who come in contact with your company More comfortable

7.Community creation

                 When many customers The company has rented the space together. Of course, everyone will meet, whether in the common area. Or organizing a party of the Serviced Office allows you to exchange business views. Or there is an increase in the creation of a business society Some of you may have close friends from different companies, so that is it.

                 How are you with 7 reasons that are full of quality And help increase the chances of making decisions for everyone For those who are hesitant about opening a new rental space With choosing to use the service in the form of Serviced Office, say that you can turn to the service of Serviced Office because it is convenient and has a complete range of services. You do not have to waste time preparing the site. Or cost budget that may escalate

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